Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Present day

2 Years on from my swedish trip and still have itchy feet for travelling, never lost that desire .........!!!!!

Still living at home but have 3 adorable boys ( of the small furries kind ), who keep me going !
Work is still good, but feel that i need to get away again and perhaps re- energise/ revitalise myself.....
To do that i need to leave the country, and you've guessed it........
But you will have to wait till August to find out where ............... 

Gothenburg ( June 2011 )

Visited Scandanavia for the first time.
Gothenburg, Sweden !
Long weekend in a very beautiful city. Clean, friendly people and amazing landscapes !
Unfortunately, my time plan changed and didn't get to do everything that i wanted..... Ah well, gives me a reason to head back and see more of sweden.

Absence makes the Heart Grow Fonder of Travelling

First of all i would like to apologise for the absence of my posts.
3 years ago, i thought that it was about time that i started thinking, about moving out and settling down. I had found a job that i really enjoyed and decided to start the process of looking for the " special One ", the one i would spend the rest of my life with.........
But I wouldn't totally give up on travelling, I would just take long weekend breaks to various destinations across the english channel......

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Etosha National Park

Not exactly the camping grounds i would expect in a national park, with luxury apartments. It is totally different to when i was in the Serengeti & Ngorongoro Crater. Etosha is kinda made for the tourists whereas Serengeti is real bush camping with the animals roaming around your tents.
I felt kinda of hard done by as well with the lack of animals, 3 game drives and hardly anything, mainly Zebra and various kinds of antelope. Maybe, it was the time of year or the wrong waterhole. There are 3 waterholes amongst the huge vast of park land. Night viewing was good, would have been much nicer had certain people stopped talking.........

Monday, 10 May 2010


Stayed in the 3rd largest city in Namibia for 2nights. We had free time to ourselves and loads of activities to keep us occupied. I took up Quad Biking among the sand dunes, such extreme riding...........had a semi - automatic this time, took getting used to but soon managed to control it.
The majority of our group visited Napolitana Restaurant on the first night. Big Portions, you have to ask for a doggie bag. Good wine and good service, that good me & 2 friends went there the second night, while the others went to a traditional family Braai ( BBQ ) which didn't turn out to be as good as they'd hoped. But we certainly had a good time, taking the uneaten pizza home with us !I would highly recommend this restaurant !!!!
Surprisingly it's a bit of a ghost town in the evening. Going out at half seven, the town was so still but coming back after ten, still no one about on the streets . There weren't many bars about, think the main one was on the beach. It's more of a quiet town ............


Such a vast place and so little population. As it is mainly Desert & Dunes, you only see people in the main towns of Swakopmund and Windhoek, the Capital. And of course the small villages we stopped at for refreshments, fuel etc.
We camped at a couple of bushcamps, the first being just private open space, by the side of the main road, with a long drop toilet. The second was actually an official campsite, where we had our Desert Walk to the bushman paintings.
Visited a huge Seal Colony, Cape Cross. Some people didn't think it was worth the $10 for a half hour visit but it is protected therefore you can't walk amongst them and the money helps in lots of ways.
Walked amongst the sands & Dunes of the desert Sossusvlei, parts of which were featured in the Jennifer Lopez Film " The Cell "

Fish River Canyon

Had Dinner on the rim of the second largest canyon in the world, after having walked along it. It is forbidden to walk down it........
Don't know quite what to say about it, as the Grand Canyon definately tops it !!!!
But it was a nice night, except for a slight wind chill......